Welcome Letter


“Innovative sciences and humanism in Radiology”

Dear Colleagues,

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the 75th scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology (JSRT) as the Japan Radiology Congress (JRC) from April 11-14, 2019 at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA in a vibrant international city Yokohama, Japan. The meeting is one of the leading international events in the field of radiological technology. The meeting where the latest information is presented by radiological technologists, researchers, and scientists in medical imaging, multimodality imaging, image engineering, artificial intelligence, computer-aided detection/diagnosis, radiotherapy, radiation measurement, radiation protection, informatics in radiology. The total number of scientific presentations in the meeting is expected to exceed 500.

Until the present day from the discovery of X-rays, Radiological technology has been making remarkable progress, incorporating innovative science and technology. However, no matter how innovative science and technology develop, it cannot be a medical treatment that patients can receive at ease without sincerity of medical staffs for the patients,

In this theme, there is a thought that researchers pursuing innovative radiology, radiologists and medical staffs who use it with advanced knowledge and skills, that is, everyone involved in radiology, are desired to advance the radiological medicine while considering the patient.

Since the academic conference is basically a place for presenting new research results, it is a valuable opportunity for the discussing and evaluation of new theories and technologies related to radiological technology. In addition, it is also a place to increase your knowledge and hit upon a new idea by participating in discussions in various specialized areas, or learning in educational programs. Furthermore, information exchange in sociable meeting of participants is often useful.

In consideration of the significance of participation of these academic societies, the executive committee is considering programs that can be satisfied as places for discussion, learning and information exchange that cannot be obtained without participating in academic conferences.

The joint symposium undertaken by JSRT will take up the theme of “artificial intelligence (AI)” and would like to provide opportunities to discuss about the innovative radiology researches using AI.

I also extend a very warm welcome and note of appreciation to our industry colleagues for their support. I encourage you to visit the International Technical Exhibition of Medical Image (ITEM in JRC2019) organized by over 150 companies to learn about the newest developments.

Since the executive committee will be making the meaningful and interesting programs for participants in the 75th scientific assembly and annual meeting of the JSRT in JRC2019, we would like to ask to submit a lot of abstracts and ask for the participation of many people. We are looking forward to seeing you in Yokohama.


Takayuki Ishida,
President of the 75th annual meeting, JSRT