Image Sciences Division

The Image Sciences Division is one of seven sub groups in the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology. Our section consists of approximately seven hundred members who share an interest in clinical evaluation of medical images, image quality assessment, and image processing. Our activities include picking up important themes regarding clinical evaluation of medical images in a timely manner, and introducing various types of information related to new medical image technologies and concepts to our members. Moreover, we actively offer opportunities to have discussions about radiologic imaging research as well. We hold seminars intended to familiarize clinical usability assessment of medical images, and seminars for computer assisted diagnosis including C language programming.

Nuclear Medicine Division

The Nuclear Medicine Division is the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology’s sub group which consists of members who share an interest in the improvement of academic levels in the field of nuclear medicine scanning and nuclear medicine imaging. We aim to acquire the newest information on nuclear medicine technology and examination techniques, and then provide detailed explanations to our members. Also, we introduce nuclear medicine image processing techniques and the concepts of image evaluation to our members and offer forums to technically discuss the significance and research results. In terms of practical aspects, we hold annual nuclear medicine technology workshops and focus on the acquisition of techniques through experiments and training.

Radiotherapy Division

The Radiotherapy Division is a group for the JSRT members who intend to learn clinical medicine in cancer treatment, radiotherapy technologies, radiation dosimetry, quality assurance / control, radiation safety and medical safety. As a group of radiotherapy professionals, we make a major contribution to cancer treatment. We profess “From the basics to clinical science in radiotherapy” and aim to train medical experts who are highly skilled and have a rich sense of humanity.

Our projects include resolving various clinical difficulties regarding the introduction of the latest radiotherapy technologies, radiation delivery techniques, dosimetry methods of high energy X-ray and electron beams, quality control of medical accelerators and radiotherapy planning systems, care for patients and preventative procedure for medical accidents. In addition, we keep an association with the regional society for the study of radiotherapy and hold treatment seminars to provide updates on current radiotherapy. For the expansion of the radiotherapy profession in Japan, we participated in establishing “The Japan Professional Accreditation Board for Radiotherapy Technologists”. This organization consists of three related societies (The Japanese Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, The Japan Association of Radiological Technologists, and The Japanese Society of Radiological Technology), and we co-accredit the certified radiotherapy technologists.

Diagnostic Imaging Division

The Diagnostic Imaging Division covers the field in which so many of our members take part. It includes general radiography, angiography, gastrointestinal series, CT, MRI and ultra sound. Our purpose is to provide training and create an environment so that highly knowledgeable technologists can utilize their evidence-based skills at medical practices. Since the foundation, our slogan has been “Seeking better radiography techniques”, and we have been offering information from the basic to the most current technologies through lectures, workshops and seminars. Also, we are determined to build know-how of clinical applications of the information through discussions with our members.

Measurement Division

The Measurement Division is a group for the members who have interests in dosimetry of diagnostic X-ray energy, etc. Firstly, traceability of dosimeter is essential in order to accomplish a precise measurement. For this reason, we have been running the “Diagnostic dosimeter standardizing center” at ten different facilities throughout Japan since 2004. Secondly, a precise measurement also requires a measurement technique including the handling of dosimeter. So, we hold the “Seminar for medical exposure measurement”, and the “Seminar for creating dosimeter using a semiconductor and its traceability (tentative title)”. We also send instructors to the “Seminar for medical exposure measurement”. To visit our “Diagnostic dosimeter standardizing center”, please see our newsletter.

Radiation Protection Division

The Radiation Protection Division is for dealing with safety management of radiation at medical practices. We consist of over 340 members (October, 2004) who share an interest in radiation protection. We hold a sectional meeting and publish our journal twice a year. Also, we investigate radiation exposures, deliver comments and statements, frame guidelines, and answer questions from the public regarding radiation exposure. Moreover, we hold symposiums open to the public in order to reduce doubt and anxiety about medical radiation exposure, and provide information on the subject.

Medical Informatics Division

The Medical Informatics Division is the newest Division of the society. It was established in 2003 as the 7th section, responding to the need for medical information on radiation technology. The policy from the Medical Information Committee, which started its operation in 1997, has been passed on, and we study medical information and carry out academic activities which contribute to radiation technology. Medical radiology and medical information systems are constantly advancing and the range of their use is expanding. In addition to cross-sectional areas we share with other technical committees, our operations focus on researching the following: increasing effectiveness of medical care by the use of medical information, medical safety, improvement of medical quality, system construction, secondary use of information, etc. Also, we plan academic conferences, hold seminars for planning sectional meetings, and organize local sections seminars. We have interactions with medical information related sections and the Japan Organization for Certification of Medical Imaging Information Specialist, and publish society journals, sectional journals, serial publications and textbooks. A support system for writing papers is also available. Through our various operations, we release a wide variety of information to our members.

Research Items:

  • ・Standard and standard specification for medical image information (DICOM,HL7,JJ1017,IHE, etc.)
  • ・Information system and its server, computer and network technology
  • ・Construction of medical information systems, regional cooperation, operation management
  • ・Dosage management, laws, guidelines
  • ・Clinical management, statistics, analysis, information engineering