On August 19th, 2011, an academic conference was held by the Korean Society of Radiological Science (KSRS) at Daegu Health College in Daegu City, Korea. The Memorandum of Understanding for academic exchange between the JSRT and the KSRS was signed at this conference. The attendees from the JSRT were Mr. Sanada (the Representative Director), Mr. Ogura (the Vice Representative), and Mr. Hashida (the former Chair of Academic Exchange Committee). President Jung Min Kim from the KSRS (a professor in the Department of Radiology at Korea University) and Mr. Sanada signed the memorandum and confirmed the basic agreements of future academic exchange.

According to the KSRS, they have around 400 members and over half of them are university teachers. Symposiums and research presentations were held at this academic conference, and Mr. Sanada and Mr. Ogura made their own presentations in English. In their amazing presentations, Mr. Sanada discussed the Japanese education system for radiological technologists, and Mr. Ogura introduced the JSRT. Both received questions in English from the floor and had very active sessions. For us, seeing the students asking questions in English with confidence was an indication of a promising future for Korea.

The KSRS and JSRT plan to attend each other’s academic conferences and maintain their relationship. Also, since the official memorandum of understanding was signed by both societies, you can now apply for the academic conferences dispatch subsidy (50,000 yen) when presenting at a KSRS academic conference. We hope that this will encourage many of our members to make presentations at the KSRS.