On November 10th, 2011, the 19th international conference of Chinese Society of Imaging Technology (CSIT) was held in Guangzhou City, China, and at the conference, JSRT and CSIT signed the Memorandum of Understanding for academic exchange. The attendees from JSRT were Mr. Sanada (the Representative Director), Mr. Doi (Editor-in-Chief), and Mr. Hashida (the former Chair of Academic Exchange Committee). President Wang of the CSIT (a professor at Shanghai Hua Dong Hospital of FuDan University) and Mr. Sanada signed the memorandum and confirmed the basic agreements of future academic exchange.

The beginning of the interactions between the societies dates back to July 1993 when the former President Hayami and the former Vice Representative Nohara of the JSRT participated in the conference commemorating the establishment of the CSIT in Beijing. Since then, occasional interactions between the societies have been taking place. In November 2002, the former President Kawamura and Mr. Sanada, the former Chair of Academic Exchange Committee, attended China-Japan Medical Conference which was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. On this occasion, the CSIT, with which the JSRT already had a close relationship, participated in a meeting as the representative of Chinese academic societies. They discussed academic exchange between Chinese and Japanese academic societies and agreed to partake in each other’s academic conferences. Since then, two or so members from each society have been attending the other society’s international conference every year to make presentations and deepen the relationship. Since there had been no written document that clearly stated the exchange, this memorandum served as an official document to confirm the continuation of the friendship. Both societies plan on joining each other’s future academic conferences annually and continue with the exchange.