September 20, 2014
Election Management Committee

On the basis of the articles of the public-interest corporation and the election prescript for administration, we are now inviting applications from candidates for the position of administration officer.
Candidates intending to join the board of directors should respond according to the following guidelines.


1. Qualifying criterion

 Regular member with a membership history of 5 years or more.


2.Notification and election

The required number of candidates for the position of administration officer will be elected by the delegates, according to the protocol in the election prescript.
After advertising the position in the memoir, the administration officer will be appointed by a resolution of the grand conference.

The candidates must submit their applications to the board of elections no later than October 20, 2014.
(Please write clearly on the envelope, “The candidacy of administration officer”).


3. Address for correspondence

Election Management Committee
Japanese Society of Radiological Technology
View-Fort Gojokarasuma, 167 Higashikazariya-cho Shinmachi-higashiiru,
Gojodori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8107, JAPAN


4. Documents required for submission by candidates (one copy of each)

 (1) Application for the position of administration officer (form 5 PDFWord)
 (2) Personal history (form 8 PDFWord)
 (3) The candidate’s targets as administration officer, in < 400 words.
Please email for queries or further information.