Message from the retiring Editor-in-Chief

Authors: Kunio Doi

Content type:EditorialPublished: 24 August 2021Pages: 211 – 211


Message from the new Editor-in-Chief

Authors: Nobuyuki Kanematsu

Content type:EditorialPublished: 11 August 2021Pages: 212 – 214


Medical application of particle and heavy ion transport code system PHITS

Authors: Takuya FurutaTatsuhiko Sato

Content type:ReviewPaperPublished: 30 June 2021Pages: 215 – 225


Dosimetric comparison between different tangential field arrangements during left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy

Authors:Mostafa RobatjaziHamid Reza BaghaniPejman Porouhan

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 27 May 2021Pages: 226 – 237


Investigation of clinical target volume segmentation for whole breast irradiation using three-dimensional convolutional neural networks with gradient-weighted class activation mapping

Authors (first, second and last of 4):Megumi OyaSatoru SugimotoKazuhito Yokoyama

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 16 June 2021Pages: 238 – 247


Clinicopathologic breast cancer characteristics: predictions using global textural features of the ipsilateral breast mammogram

Authors (first, second and last of 5):Ibrahem H. KanbaytiWilliam I. D. RaeErnest U. Ekpo

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 02 June 2021Pages: 248 – 261


High-dose-rate brachytherapy using inverse planning optimization with tandem and ovoid applicators for locally advanced cervical cancer: a simulation study

Authors:Yuji YaegashiKohei Sasaki

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 02 June 2021Pages: 262 – 270


Impact of spot positional errors in robustly optimized intensity-modulated proton therapy plan of craniospinal irradiation

Authors (first, second and last of 9):Manthala Padannayil NoufalShamurailatpam Dayananda SharmaRakesh Jalali

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 05 June 2021Pages: 271 – 278


Evaluation of the dosimetric impact of heart function-based volumetric modulated arc therapy planning in patients with esophageal cancer

Authors (first, second and last of 8):Shohei TanakaNoriyuki KadoyaKeiichi Jingu

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 08 June 2021Pages: 279 – 287


Correlations between cardiovascular parameters and image parameters on dynamic chest radiographs in a porcine model under fluid loading

Authors (first, second and last of 10):Rie TanakaTohru TaniShigeru Sanada

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 21 June 2021Pages: 288 – 296


Microdosimetry-based relative biological effectiveness calculations for radiotherapeutic electron beams: a FLUKA-based study

Authors:Arghya ChattarajT. Palani Selvam

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 02 July 2021Pages: 297 – 308


Surface dose and build-up region depth dose measurements in non-standard beams of Cyberknife and tomotherapy systems

Authors:Amalraj JerrinVelayudham Ramasubramanian

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 05 July 2021Pages: 309 – 317


Effects of sample size and data augmentation on U-Net-based automatic segmentation of various organs

Authors (first, second and last of 8):Takafumi NemotoNatsumi FutakamiNaoyuki Shigematsu

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 12 July 2021Pages: 318 – 327


Dosimetric effects of quality assurance-related setup errors in passive proton therapy for prostate cancer with and without a hydrogel spacer

Authors (first, second and last of 8):Yuta OmiKeisuke YasuiNaoki Hayashi

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 27 July 2021Pages: 328 – 335


Verification of phantom accuracy using a Monte Carlo simulation: bone scintigraphy chest phantom

Authors (first, second and last of 8):Toshimune ItoHirotatsu TsuchikameHiroshi Tomizawa

Content type:OriginalPaperPublished: 24 July 2021Pages: 336 – 344