What are useful methods to reduce occupational radiation exposure among radiological medical workers, especially for interventional radiology personnel?


Koichi Chida

Content type:Review ArticlePublished: 24 May 2022Pages: 101 – 115



Decreased imaging time of amyloid PET using [18F]florbetapir can maintain quantitative accuracy

Authors (first, second and last of 7)

Kei WagatsumaKenji IshibashiKenji Ishii

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 03 March 2022Pages: 116 – 124




Marker-less and calibration-less motion correction method for brain PET

Authors (first, second and last of 5)

Yuma IwaoGo AkamatsuTaiga Yamaya

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 03 March 2022Pages: 125 – 134




The impact of target positioning error and tumor size on radiobiological parameters in robotic stereotactic radiosurgery for metastatic brain tumors

Authors (first, second and last of 12)

Takeshi TakizawaSatoshi TanabeKiyoshi Onda

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 07 March 2022Pages: 135 – 146




Influence of monitor display resolution and displayed image size on the spatial resolution of ultra-high-resolution CT images: a phantom study

Authors (first, second and last of 7)

Yoichiro IkushimaShogo TokureiHidetake Yabuuchi

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 24 April 2022Pages: 147 – 155




U-Net-based image segmentation of the whole heart and four chambers on pediatric X-ray computed tomography

Authors (first, second and last of 6)

Akifumi YoshidaYohan KondoTsutomu Kanazawa

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 07 May 2022Pages: 156 – 169




Tooth detection for each tooth type by application of faster R-CNNs to divided analysis areas of dental panoramic X-ray images

Authors (first, second and last of 4)

Yuichi MimaRyohei NakayamaKan Murata

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 04 May 2022Pages: 170 – 176




The utility of using TACE-assisted software with CBCT in colonic diverticular bleeding without extravascular leakage

Authors (first, second and last of 6)

Masahiro NakanoKazuki TakanoHiroaki Sato

Content type:Clinical TechniquePublished: 04 May 2022Pages: 177 – 186