Compton imaging for medical applications


Hideaki TashimaTaiga Yamaya

Content type:Review ArticlePublished: 22 July 2022Pages: 187 – 205


Patch-based artifact reduction for three-dimensional volume projection data of sparse-view micro-computed tomography


Takayuki OkamotoToshio KumakiriHideaki Haneishi

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 27 May 2022Pages: 206 – 223


A novel myocardial T1 analysis method robust to fluctuations in longitudinal magnetization recovery due to heart rate variability in polarity-corrected inversion time preparation


Yuta EndoShigehide Kuhara

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 02 August 2022Pages: 224 – 233


Accuracy of virtual non-contrast images with different algorithms in dual-energy computed tomography

Authors (first, second and last of 5)

Yumi TakaneKazuhiro SatoShingo Kayano

Content type:Research ArticlePublished: 04 August 2022Pages: 234 – 244


Does residual ultrasound transmission gel affect the diagnostic ability of mammography?


Natsumi KuwabaraHiroko Kawashima

Content type:Technical NotePublished: 04 July 2022Pages: 245 – 248



Development of a device that remotely removes a mask in the head and neck immobilization system: a prototype and demonstration experiment

Authors (first, second and last of 5)

Takahiro AoyamaHidetoshi ShimizuTakeshi Kodaira

Content type:Technical NotePublished: 06 July 2022Pages: 249 – 254


RadiomicsJ: a library to compute radiomic features


Tatsuaki Kobayashi

Content type:Technical NotePublished: 06 July 2022Pages: 255 – 263


Practical dosimetry procedure of air kerma for kilovoltage X-ray imaging in radiation oncology using a 0.6-cc cylindrical ionization chamber with a cobalt absorbed dose-to-water calibration coefficient

Authors (first, second and last of 5)

Hidenobu TachibanaRyo TakahashiTomoyuki Kurosawa

Content type:Technical NotePublished: 12 July 2022Pages: 264 – 270