Michael Goitein (1939–2016): inventor of three-dimensional planning systems with image-guided beam delivery for?radiation therapy

Authors:Masahiro Endo, Shinichiro Mori

Content type: Editorial

Published: 10 October 2020 Pages: 1 – 5.   Read only PDF


Creation, evolution, and future challenges of ion beam therapy from a medical physicist’s viewpoint (part 1). Introduction and Chapter 1. accelerator and beam delivery system

Authors : Masahiro Endo

Content type:Review A

Published: 08 November 2022 Pages: 271 – 290 Read only PDF


Experimental determination of the effective point of measurement for cylindrical ionization chambers in megavoltage photon beams

Authors : Yukiko Iwafuchi, Hiroshi Oguchi, Kota Yamamoto

Content type:Research Article

Published: 06 August 2022Pages: 291 – 297 Read only PDF


Reproducibility of functional connectivity metrics estimated from resting-state functional MRI with differences in days, coils, and global signal regression

Authors : Sanae Kato, Epifanio Bagarinao, Gen Sobue

Content type:Research Article

Published: 12 August 2022Pages: 298 – 310 Read only PDF


Development and practical evaluation of a saturation effect learning simulator for inflow magnetic resonance angiography

Authors : Norishige Hatakeyama, Shunichi Kobayashi

Content type:Research Article

Published: 25 August 2022Pages: 311 – 322 Read only PDF


Photon-specific absorbed fraction estimates in stylized ORNL and voxelized ICRP adult male phantoms using a new developed Geant4-based code “DoseCalcs”: a validation study

Authors : Tarik El Ghalbzouri, Tarek El Bardouni, Randa Yerrou

Content type:Research Article

Published: 06 September 2022Pages: 323 – 339 Read only PDF


Classifying presence or absence of calcifications on mammography using generative contribution mapping

Authors : Tatsuaki Kobayashi, Takafumi Haraguchi, Tomoharu Nagao

Content type:Research Article

Published: 21 August 2022 Pages: 340 – 348 Read only PDF


Utilization of upper and lower limits of exposure index in clinical digital radiography

Authors : Masao Funahashi, Kazuyuki Kashiyama, Junji Shiraishi

Content type:Research Article

Published: 29 August 2022 Pages: 349 – 357 Read only PDF


Development of a computer-aided quality assurance support system for identifying hand X-ray image direction using deep convolutional neural network

Authors : Mitsuru SatoYohan KondoMasashi Okamoto

Content type:Research Article

Published: 24 August 2022 Pages: 358 – 366 Read only PDF


Development of a quantitative analysis method for assessing patient body surface deformation using an optical surface tracking system

Authors : Kimihiko Sato, Takayuki Kanai, Tsukasa Kawamura

Content type:Research Article

Published: 30 August 2022 Pages: 367 – 378 Read only PDF


Assessment of organ and effective doses received by adult patients undergoing computed tomography in three hospitals in Brazzaville, Congo Republic

Authors : J. Bazoma, G. B. Dallou, G. H. Ben-Bolie

Content type:Research Article

Published: 03 September 2022 Pages: 379 – 386 Read only PDF


Intensity-modulated brachytherapy for vaginal cancer

Authors : Musa Joya, Hassan Ali Nedaie, Peyman Sheikhzadeh

Content type:Research Article

Published: 07 September 2022Pages: 387 – 397 Read only PDF

Biological fingerprint for patient verification using trunk scout views at various scan ranges in computed tomography

Authors : Yasuyuki Ueda, Junji Morishita, Shohei Kudomi

Content type:Research Article

Published: 26 September 2022 Pages: 398 – 408 Read only PDF


Simple quality assurance based on filtered back projection for geometrical/irradiation accuracy in single-isocenter multiple-target stereotactic radiotherapy

Authors : Naoki Hayashi, Shun Kurata, Keisuke Yasui

Content type:Research Article

Published: 19 October 2022 Pages: 409 – 416 Read only PDF


Detectability of category 3 or higher microcalcifications on digital mammograms: a comparative study between 5-MP color and monochrome liquid crystal display monitors

Authors : Emi Awamoto, Shinichi Awamoto, Toyoyuki Kato

Content type:Technical Note

Published: 08 September 2022 Pages: 417 – 423 Read only PDF


Variability in contrast and apparent diffusion coefficient of kiwifruit used as prostate MRI phantom: 1-week validation

Authors : Tatsuya Hayashi, Shimpei Yano, Toshimune Ito

Content type:Technical Note

Published: 05 September 2022 Pages: 424 – 429 Read only PDF