Welcome Letter

Aiming to Create Annual Meetings That Can Be Enjoyed Both On-Site and On-Demand

The Japanese Society of Radiological Technology
The 78th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology
President Junji Shiraishi

 The spread of the new coronavirus has been a constant concern for the organizers of JRC2020 and JRC2021, but it seems that Japan is finally on the mend (although the virus seems to be continuing to spread overseas). However, as the situation is not yet safe, JRC2022 will be taking place as an online-onsite hybrid event at the same location as last year, Pacifico Yokohama. Last year, videos and lectures from the JRC2021 symposia had been distributed at the end of April following the annual event held in Yokohama. This year, the conference website will go live prior to the event’s start date, providing advance information as well as live streaming options during the conference so that both on-site and online participants can enjoy attending the annual meeting.

 The main theme of JRC2022 is “Future Trends and Changes in Radiology – A Key for the Paradigm Shift.” I believe this theme intends to encourage everyone involved in radiology to think about how we should steer radiology toward a new era, as the current state of radiology is being reexamined with the introduction of new equipment and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. To achieve this goal, we will invite the representatives, presidents, and chairmen of JRC, JRS, JART, and JSMP, who are all closely affiliated with JSRT, as lecturers and hear their opinions on the future direction of the JSRT in the field of radiology as the sessions are broadcast live on the web for the benefit of all participants. In addition, in the Joint Symposium 2, we will listen to presentations introducing the new MR Linac, and during the luncheon seminar planned by the Executive Committee we will be discussing topics that have been most requested by our members based on a questionnaire survey conducted in advance. Moreover, a lecturer from JART will be presenting on the latest status of the training program accompanying the October 2021 revision of laws and regulations, which is of great concern to the radiological technologists who make up the majority of our members. Furthermore, we have prepared several seminars to introduce students and young members what is and how to join the certification board for radiological technologists in Japan, as well as a joint-in  project with JCS, which will be useful for their future research and clinical practices.

 The International Session, co-organized with JSMP as a new stage for internationalization during JRC2020 and JRC2021, will be renamed the International Conference on Radiological Physics and Technology (ICRPT) at JRC2022, and re-launched as an international conference. The venue, Room 501, will take place entirely in English except for the RPT project, and there will be a new award given out for presentations at the ICRPT. I truly hope that you will continue to make the most of ICRPT as a gateway to other international conferences.

 Although the situation is still unpredictable until the start of the conference in Yokohama in April, the organizing committee is making every effort to prepare for the conference so that it can be enjoyed both on-site and online by all attending participants. Finally, for those whose research activities were curtailed due to the spread of the new coronavirus in 2021, regular members who participate in this conference will receive a grant of 3,000 yen that will be put towards their annual membership fee for 2023 which I sincerely hope will offer some assistance.