Call for Abstracts

The following figure shows the essential steps to follow from abstract submission to your presentation at the meeting.

Instructions for Abstract Submission

The submitted abstract will be reviewed by the program committee. Please submit your abstract according to the following instructions.
1. Period
  September 1 12:00-October 31 12:00 PM, (UTC+9), 2023
2. Abstract Structure
  • Title of abstract should be less than 30 words in English.
    Do not include company name(s) or brand name(s)
    Title should not list series such as 1st report, 2nd report.
    Abbreviations that are not included in the PDF document as of October 20, 2012 must be changed to acceptable expressions or spelled out fully.
  • Body of abstract should be less than 320 words in English and concisely summarized (constructed using the following section head) [Purpose] [Methods] [Results] [Conclusion].
    Insertion of figures nor tables is not allowed.
  • You do not need to include an ethical research statement in the abstract.
  • At least three research key words should be provided.
3. The Novelty of research statement
  The novelty statement will be used only in the review process; it will not be shown in the proceedings. Please do not use abbreviations without spelling out words in full on first occurrence.
  • The novelty of research statement is limited to 200 words.
  • Do NOT enter the title in the novelty of research statement.
  • Do NOT put your name and affiliation in the novelty of research statement.
  • Do NOT use abbreviations without spelling out words in full on first occurrence.
4. Presentation Category
5. Author Information
  • If you are a member of an academic organization, please select or list the name of that organization.
  • Co-authors information: Due the system specification, the number of co-authors is limited to ten at maximum. If exceeding ten, please describe full member names only in abstract/extended abstract.
  • Please make sure you have entered the email address correctly. If you haven’t received any email after you submit an abstract, please go back to the abstract submission system and check it.
6. Questionnaire about research ethics
  • Applicants for presentation shall comply with the basic principles of the following ethical considerations, and conform to the “Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Health Research for Humans” (updated on April 17th, 2023,) and “Fundamental Guidelines for Proper Conduct of Animal Experiment and Related Activities in Academic Research Institutions.”

  • When ethical approval is required, the research must have been approved by the Research Ethics Committee (REC) or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) of the concerned institution before the start of research.
  • For this reason, all presenters will be asked to correctly answer “Questions about ethics and Conflict of Interest” at the time of filling an application for presentation.
7. Multiple submissions
  Multiple submissions are generally not accepted. It is rarely permitted unless the research contains valuable information.

Notification of Abstract Acceptance

All abstracts submitted for the 3rd ICRPT are subject to peer review within the program committee after the abstract submission deadline. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address automatically when the submission is completed.
  • Please note that all speakers are generally required to deliver their presentation on-site.

Presentation Preparation

All general presentation and electronic poster (CyPos) slides MUST be prepared in English.
For JSMP members, submission of the extended abstract is NOT mandatory when presenting at the ICRPT. You may submit an English-language extended abstract if needed.
If the submission of CyPos registration and pre-registration of presentation slides is not completed by the deadline, the abstract will be canceled.

1. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • If the research to be presented is supported or funded (regardless of the amount of money) by industry, or research collaborators include employee(s) of a company related to the subject of the presentation, this fact must be disclosed.
  • A “Declaration on Conflict of Interest” must be shown in your second slide for both the CyPos and presentation.
2. Alternative presenter
  • It is the responsibility of the corresponding first author to complete his/her own presentation.
  • Any first author who cannot complete a presentation due to unavoidable reasons must inform the secretariat in advance.
  • In the case the registered presenter is unable to attend the meeting, one of the co-authors are required to be a presenter instead.
3. Regulations on withdrawal of abstract
  Withdrawal after acceptance or no-show to the conference in Yokohama is subject to penalty of acceptance for future meetings and may not be published in the meeting program of the 3rd ICRPT. 

CyPos Registration

All presenters of ICRPT MUST upload a PowerPoint file for the CyPos presentation.
  • A “Declaration on Conflict of Interest” must be shown in your second slide.

Registration period will be announced after notification of acceptance.

Presentation Slides Registration

All presenters of ICRPT MUST upload a PowerPoint file for the presentation March 1 – March 29, 2024.
  • The ICRPT will be facilitated by the chairperson of the presentation, and all questions and answers will be in English only. The duration of oral presentations and Q&A in English at the ICRPT will be 7 minutes and 3 minutes, respectively.
  • No substitutions or corrections of presentation slides will be allowed at the conference venue. Please be sure to check your presentation slides during the pre-registration period.

ICRPT Awards

Awards will be given to researchers who made an outstanding presentation under three categories.
  • Brilliant Award
  • Outstanding Presentation Award
  • Certificate of Merit Award

Important Dates

  • September 1– October 31 12:00 PM, (UTC+9), 2023 Abstract Submission
  • December 1st, 2023 Access to Hotel Accommodation Site Opens
  • Early December 2023 Notification of Paper Abstract Acceptance
  • Mid-January 2024 Notification of presentation date and time
  • To be announced, Electronic poster (CyPos) Submission
  • March 1– March 29, 2024 Presentation Slides Registration

Call for papers

Abstract submission is now closed. 
Thanks to those of you who have submitted abstracts.


For any further information about abstract submissions, please contact us by email.